Digital Digest- 29 Sept 2017

digital digest- 29 Sept

  1. Samsung X…the leaked details
  2. Did You Know …
  3. DigiTalk Interview

Hold your breath for Samsung X ‘Folding Phone’

By Norah Spie 29 Sept, 2017
Are you a Samsung person like me? We all have been in some discussion which usually ends up with iPhone users being upset…well here is something that will make them not put their phones on top of the table again!

Samsung has been working for years on a smartphone that you can fold, effectively melding the old days of flip phones with today’s technology.

Samsung has already done everything the X is doing. Despite Apple claiming they’re changing the smartphone world, Samsung has already gone miles ahead. The Samsung X already has facial recognition technology, already has OLED screens, glass bodies and wireless charging. TheSamsung X is intended as a statement that will literally change the game.

While little specifics are known for the phone, it has already been registered in Korea and has passed bluetooth and radio certification – which are both crucial steps required for the sale of smartphones.

We also know it’s destined for a 2018 release, but beyond that Samsung has kept leaks to a minimum. Will this be the device of the future? It remains to be seen… but Samsung is gunning for Apple like never before and we can’t wait to find out more about the upcoming Samsung X.

Technology weird facts…

In 2012, at least 17 newborn girls were named Siri. ( iPhone;s voice assistant)

The word robot comes from the Czech“robota.” In English, robota translates to “forced labor.”

The first VCR was created in 1956 and was the size of a piano.

The world’s first camera took eight hours to snap a photo.

About 1 out of 8 married couples actually met each other on the Internet.


We caught up with a vibrant start up Afritorch Digital  which is the brain child of Michel M. Katuta and Thabo Mphate; who are doing amazing things in the digital space in Africa.

Afritorch is the first dedicated digital transformation firm with a mission to empower market research in Africa by helping insights’ players harness the power of digital technology in order to streamline and automate processes, cut down operating costs, improve flexibility and reach a wider consumer audience.

.DD: What are you trying to achieve with Afritorch Digital?

AD: We want to enable companies to act big, think smart, and move at the speed of light through the limitless possibilities digital transformation

DD: How do you classify  yourselves ?

AD : We are a digital market research company

DD: Who are your main clients?

AD: Our main target markets are market research agencies operating in Africa.

DD: What made you decide to start Afritorch Digital?

AD: There is a gap within the market research industry in Africa in utilizing and implementing digital technologies to cut down research operating costs while providing opportunity for innovation.

 DD: What is unique about Afritorch Digital ?

AD: Our value proposition is that we provide an Africa-focus digital solution, not just the technology. We are a digital transformation startup, helping market research suppliers to integrate the digital space through technology and processes built to support innovation.

DD: What advise do you have for other young entrepreneurs who want to get into digital transformation?

AD: A piece of advice for those who would like to move into digital transformation: is to pick an industry in which you have an extensive knowledge and expertise.

DD: Do you plan on expanding around the continent? And if so, which countries?AD: Yes, we do. We’ve already done some work in countries like; Nigeria, Kenya, Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Tanzania.

Our goal is to reach African countries where research demand is showing growth.  ©


Taurai Publishing


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